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Are you trying to be someone you’re not?

How’s that working for you?

As women, we’re told our entire lives who and what we *should* be

“Sugar and spice and everything nice”


We’re supposed to be soft spoken, and always polite and pretty and perfect…

Well I call bullshit on that!

Sometimes that’s not the way we are

And for some of us that’s not the way we’re ever going to be

So why are you trying so hard to fit into a mold you’re not made for??

What’s your biggest fear revolving around this?

Are you afraid of rejection?

Are you worried people will judge you?

Are you afraid of being raw and vulnerable?

The people in your life: clients, friends, colleagues

The energy they bring

It’s a direct reflection of you

So if your energy is unauthentic

If you’re constantly trying to force yourself into this box you don’t fit in

That reflection is going to be all wrong

How exhausting is it to pretend all the time???

To always wear this mask

How amazing would it be to just be able to relax

to just be ourselves

So what if you don’t like wearing makeup and getting all dressed up just to do a Facebook live

Show up how you want!!

The people that care are not your people

If they don’t sign up for your services, GOOD!

So what if you’re a level 4 out of 10 energy on a good day

Show up at that level 4 and speak to all those other level 4’s out there

Those are your people!

Do you love to laugh and joke around a lot?


When you’re showing up authentically

You’ll attract those that are on your level!

Why wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with people who value YOU??

If you LOVE doing your hair and makeup

And that makes you feel good…

You do that!

If you love dropping F-bombs and saying outlandish shit!

DO IT!!!

If you’re shy and soft spoken and you don’t feel good being “in-your-face”


Don’t try to be anything you’re not!

Only then will you begin attracting the people into your life and into your business that serve your higher purpose.

Only then will you start building those relationships that raise you higher rather than pull you down

Only then will you start connecting with your followers on a more intimate level

You are the only you there is and that’s what makes you special

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